Mixed breed identification and behavioural analysis for dogs


Mixed breed identification and behavioural analysis for dogs

I am based in West London where, after a long career in a front line public service, I decided to achieve my ambition to start my own business in the field of dog behaviour. It is important to me that I have the academic qualifications as well as the practical experience with dogs. So many people in the field of animal behaviour have either one or the other, but not both! I have a Level 4 COAPE Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training, and a Diploma in Applied Psychology (Birkbeck - University of London) , I have qualified with Alpha Education for the Intermediate and Advanced 'Think Dog' courses which are accredited with the National Open College Network. I have applied for membership of the APDT (the Association of Pet Dog Trainers). I am interested in a wider area of human psychology and I have a certificate in NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming (a branch of cognitive psychology) and I am also a member of British MENSA. I am continuing to study with Professor Peter Neville at COAPE for an Honours Degree in companion animal behaviour.

I have volunteered with two well known dog rescue charities. I work as a kennel socialiser, with the most famous London based dogs home. I have regular, practical interaction with very stressed dogs in rescue shelters. This gives me the opportunity to put my academic learning into practical experience. It is one thing to learn about the brain chemistry which causes stressed dogs to behave distructively, it is quite another thing to handle that same dog when it is jumping up to try to bite your nose off! As well as being a volunteer dog-walker at another rescue centre in West London, I also help out at a local dog training class in Northwood.

I own a working Labrador who is a work in progress. Dog behaviour is my passion. Having a well behaved, happy dog in your home is a life-enhancing experience. If you take the time to get to know your dog and find out what makes it happy, your efforts will be repaid in abundance.


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