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Terms & Conditions

The Blackdog DNA Behaviour, Health and Personality Summary is for information purposes only and is based on information publicly available on pure bred dogs. This information is not intended to predict disease or behaviour but is intended solely as a guide to traits often found in breeds identified in your dog. These traits may or may not be found in your individual dog. Any concerns about potential health issues should be discussed with your vet. This Breed Identification Test is designed for the sole purpose of identifying breeds found in the genetic composition of mixed breed dogs.  If you have rehomed a dog from abroad then the results may include a group of breeds which reflect the true ancient breed ancestry but may therefore provide a seemingly unlikely result. This test is not intended to be used on dogs which have been rehomed from abroad and no refund will be given.

The enclosed analysis has been compiled based on the results obtained from your DNA sample submission and has been run with a reasonable amount of certainty. It is possible that there have been some random changes within your dog’s DNA which may have affected the results. However our testing procedures and database are designed to recognise that this may happen and minimise any effect. It is understood that no scientific analytical test is 100% accurate. Blackdog is not responsible for any inferences made about any individual dog based on the information provided. Wisdom Panel test is based on a database of UK, US, Australian, Canadian Kennel Club breeds and other breeds elsewhere in the world.  

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